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Changing the balance

effective non-traded sector inflation controls

balanced taxation including capital gains

research and development tax credits

faster depreciation (write off) of plant and patents

investment incentives for productive investment and skill development

personal tax concessions for early stage productive investments

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"So the government could print new money and spend it directly into circulation, thus saving the...." (Read more)

Raf Manji
Sustento Institute

"a culture of indifference towards export success is also a big contributor to the problem." (Read more)

Steve Patterson
CEO, Mclean Angling

"Change requires acceptance that manufacturing is important to New Zealand as opposed to an...." (Read more)

John Walley
NZ Manufacturers and Exporters Association CEO

"the failure to enable local industry to participate in supply is at best, an abdication of...." (Read more)

Nick Inskip
Industry Development Manager, HERA

"The obstacles to exporting from New Zealand are..." (Read more) - Brian Willoughby

"New Zealand hasn't a hope in hell of catching..." (Read more) - Brian Gaynor

"We have a high dollar which is not only..." (Read more) - Neville Bennett

"If the talk is of an export led recovery, let..." (Read more) - Scott Yates

"The poor return on productive investment - and..." (Read more) - Bryan Gould

"I'd just like to have a debate and start..." (Read more) - Bernard Hickey

"I suggest that Land and Capital are mistakenly..." (Read more) - Digby Crompton

"Only a growing, high value add, export sector..." (Read more) - John Walley

"Isn’t it time to establish a banking system..." (Read more) - Bryan Gould

"New Zealand’s number one challenge is to earn..." (Read more) - Ganesh Nana

"No country in history has become wealthy by..." (Read more) - Peter Lyons

"There are two basic anomalies in our tax system..." (Read more) - Digby Crompton

"The huge effect the exchange rate has on the..." (Read more) - Gordon Sutherland

"As a country, we are simultaneously fighting..." (Read more) - Selwyn Pellett

"New Zealand can be fortunate in its distance..." (Read more) - Digby Crompton

"more saving, better monetary policy management,..." (Read more) - John Errington

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